• Custom Cabinet Refinishing

    Serving Salt Lake, Utah, Summit, Davis and Carbon counties with top-quality cabinet door repair, replacement and refinishing.

  • Hardwood Toys & Decor

    Offering a national marketplace of dad-made products, including hardwood trains, doll furniture, sourdough kitchenware and more.

  • Made To Order Furniture

    Designing custom furniture for homes across Utah, whether it be decorative end tables, bookshelves, range hoods, bunk beds or more.

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We are fathers and grandfathers. We are cabinetmakers, toymakers, furnituremakers and memorymakers. Together, we are a community of craftsman that stretches from coast-to-coast with a commitment to providing our customers with the highest-quality hardwood products for their homes. Expect a personal touch. Expect handcrafted quality. Expect honesty, sincerity and trust. For everything we do at Dadcrafted Decor comes with heart and hand.